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Pressure sensors for measurement in the boiler system, usually measured directly on the boiler. This area needs to be measured fairly accurately and must withstand high temperatures. Gas machines also need to measure the pressure to limit the outlet pressure, avoiding over-pressure leading to damage & fire. On the water pump stations also need pressure sensors to monitor the pressure brought on PLC or inverter to control water pumps. To control or control the pressure after the control valve, the pressure sensor plays a very important role because it will directly affect the outlet pressure behind the control valve. On the crane trucks often have hydraulic ben, the requirement to monitor these hydraulic ben is very important because it will affect the traction of the ben. So they always installed pressure sensors to monitor the pressure on these hydraulic ben. Water tanks or raw materials often use pressure sensors to measure the level of these tanks With the above applications, we see that measuring pressure is very important. Hoping to share within the limit of my knowledge of pressure sensors can help everyone.

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