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Le Thi Hoa is the country manager of our Vietnam offices. As a former research officer with the Ministry of Trade in Vietnam before joining Kelvin Chia Partnership, she brings to the firm a wealth of knowledge of all aspects of investments and doing business in Vietnam, and very importantly, an invaluable understanding and appreciation of the local business environment and industrial practices. She has managed a wide range of investments, worked with a significant number of foreign companies and acquired an understanding of the concerns and needs of foreign investors doing business in Vietnam. She is together with Kelvin Chia, largely instrumental for many of the successful projects that the firm has undertaken. Doing business in Vietnam requires extensive liaison work with the Vietnamese authorities and other local entities as well as an in-depth understanding of commercial issues and the ability to find practical solutions given business constraints, and Le Thi Hoa, has on many occasions successfully achieved realistic and practical results for clients. Le Thi Hoa's experience with both the relevant authorities and the private sector makes her a value-added and exceptional member of our Vietnam team. Le Thi Hoa is effectively bi-lingual in Vietnamese and English, which enables her to ensure that the firm's achieves the highest standards in the handling of sensitive and high-level documentation, difficult negotiations and the resolution of contentious matters.

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