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Thẻ luật sư: 1764/LS ngày 01/08/2010 Điện thoại: 024-62734944 Đi động: 0983175407 Email: Địa chỉ: 9th floor, Newtatco Building, 21 Láng Hạ, Quận Ba Đình, Hà Nội Website:

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Mrs. Le Phan Thuy Anh has more than 20 years experience in legal practice as a barrister at Hanoi Bar, including more than 6 years managing her own law firm and nearly 6 years working for VILAF, a professional and leading law firm in Vietnam, before joining A-PAC International as a partner. Mrs. Thuy Anh’s key strengths include her extensive experience in litigation and arbitration, covering civil, labor to commercial disputes both in and out of court, and negotiating settlements. Her area of expertise covers all aspects of the real estate business, employment, licensing and commercial matters.

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