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GlassEgg cần tuyển Legal Assistant

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    GlassEgg cần tuyển Legal Assistant

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    Glass Egg is a game developer and art production facility based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (formerly Saigon). Over the last 14 years the company has developed a unique set of skills in a unique working environment that enables us to create games and provide related services with a significantly improved level of efficiency

    Building off of our early success in the development of 2D edutainment titles such as Jump Start First Grade and Richard Scarry’s Best Math Program Ever, we have over the years continually improved our skills and evolved our business to keep up with the demands of 3D real time game play. Production in Vietnam began in 1995 on a small scale, starting with simple 2D background art and animation; by 1997 our team was responsible for 100% of production, including the game coding/programming.

    To date Glass Egg has worked with many of the leading companies in the game industry in 4 continents: North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

    Website: www.glassegg.com

    We are looking for a talent to join the team as bellow info:


    Title: Legal Assistant


    Job Description:


    -        Legal update and legal advice to other divisions of the Company;

    -        Legal research;

    -        Drafting legal opinions in English and Vietnamese;

    -        Drafting contracts in English and Vietnamese;

    -        Participating in meetings, negotiations, discussions;

    -        Translating legal documents;

    -        Draft and prepare forms, samples and other documents serving the operation of the Company;

    -        Licensing procedures;

    -        Corporate secretary.




    -        Good command in English;

    -        Good logic and legal mind set in analysis;

    -        Good computer skills (Word, Excel, Outlook)

    -        Qualifications: LL.B

    -        Honest, loyal and responsible.


    Salary: Competitive (Candidates with good ability will get deserving salary).


    -          Interested candidates please submit CV with diplomas, certificates and your recent photograph and send CVs via Email to recruitment@glassegg.com or Human Resource Department at Glass Egg office: REE TOWER - 17th floor, 09 Doan Van Bo Str, District 4, HCMC - Tel: 39.431.389

    (Email must be less than 1MB in size.  If you wish to submit a full portfolio, bigger than 1MB, you must drop it off at our office)

    -          Candidates with qualified CVs will be contacted for interviewing.


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