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Mr Bac together with other partners founded Vision & Associates, and now being managing partner of the Firm. Mr Bac has 30 years of legal advisory and business experience. His particular strengths are in the field of foreign direct investment, operational review, corporate governance and restructuring, business strategy and analysis, banking & finance, securities/ capital market, private equity, insurance, and intellectual property.

Mr Bac has directly and indirectly involved in dozens of foreign direct investment projects in Vietnam to which foreign investors include Motorola, Cargill, IBM, CitiBank, ANZ Bank, BHP, Sony Electronics, Fujita, Marubeni, etc., and participated in a number of projects and programmes funded by foreign governments and organizations including WB, ADB, DFID, DANIDA, GTZ, MPDF, etc.

In addition, his areas of expertise include IP advisory services, registrations and enforcement. Mr bac is also a patent & trademark attorney, having the NOIP-granted IP representative license, and used to be a legal expert and patent examiner for the NOIP.

Mr Bac is highly rated by international and local clients, practisers and publications as one of the leading individuals in the legal and IP domains in Vietnam. For example, more detailed information can be provided at:

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